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PHP Tutorial

  • PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development
  • PHP powers everything from blogs to the most popular websites in the world
  • More about PHP

    • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor
    • PHP code may be embedded into HTML code
    • PHP is used as a server-side language
    • PHP is free, fast, flexible and pragmatic
    Official PHP Logo
    Official PHP Logo

    Where is PHP used

    • The world's largest social network, Facebook uses PHP
    • The world's largest content management system, Wordpress runs on PHP
    • Many developers use PHP as a server-side language
    • PHP is simple. Hence, many beginners use it.

    Why PHP

    • PHP is secure
    • PHP runs on many operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
    • PHP is supported by many servers like Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, etc.
    • PHP supports many database systems like MYSQL, Mango DB, etc.
    • PHP is free

    The power of PHP

    • PHP can serve dynamic web pages
    • PHP can collect, validate, save form data
    • PHP can add, modify, delete data in the database
    • PHP can handle sessions and cookies
    • PHP can read, write, delete files on the server
    • PHP can serve Images, PDFs, Flash Movies and more file types
    • PHP can resize, compress, edit images

    About the PHP Language

    PHP Language is a human-readable programming language which can easily be learned. The below code will output "Hello World"

    echo "Hello World";

    You will learn more about this in the next chapters.

    Why Should I Learn PHP?

    • PHP is beginner-friendly. If you are a beginner, you can understand PHP without much effort.
    • PHP is one of the highest paid programming languages.
      Salary Of a PHP Developer as of March 2019 (Source:
      Salary Of a PHP Developer as of March 2019 (Source:
    • PHP is scalable.
    • PHP has a large community to get help from.
    • PHP is easy to install and get started with.

    About this Tutorial

    This PHP Tutorial by Hyvor Developer is written to teach you PHP step-by-step, using the latest educational methods. We use examples, graphical ways, and pointer descriptions to make it easy to learn.

    We know, the question you get in each chapter is: Why is this for?. Every time we will try to explain to you as much as we can. But, if you couldn't understand why is it for, don't give up. You will understand it very soon when you do several examples.

    From the author...

    Get most out of this PHP Tutorial

    • Examples speak thousand of words
      We have added plenty of examples throughout this tutorial. Always try to understand what we are trying to give to you with an example.
    • Do it again
      This is hard but effective. Doing all the examples again by yourself is a very successful way of learning quickly.
    • Search the Internet
      When you are leaning you will probably get questions. Don't hesitate to search them in a search engine (Ex: Google). Also, forums like are really good places to get your questions answered by experts in programming.
    • Teach your friend (Optional)
      Teaching is a great way of learning. If you have a friend who is interested in PHP, teach him/her what you learned and discuss more. You will improve day by day.

    What will you learn?

    Here's more about what will you learn in this complete guide.

    • What is PHP?
    • How to install PHP?
    • The Basics of PHP
    • Regex in PHP
    • Forms in PHP
    • Object-Oriented Programming in PHP

    Don't worry about those strange words like Regex, you will gradually learn what are they.

    Visit PHP Help group to get some help from experts.
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